Abstract Idea

The idea to use a feather to write is an age old ideal. But the idea to use a pen with a ball at the end is a new ideal.
The Mad Man Wasn't To Wrong Was He?
     The man from Timbuktu meat the man from Mars or he just lost his mind and so this event never happen, but in his own state of mind. It was like Alice and the looking glass he just needed to look in the mirror to see the truth. He was the man from Mars and the man from Timbuktu was no one. This is madness I do know but my brain field me long ago. I write this from the Asylum in a padded room, I got this feather from a Raven who dropped it after landed on my window sail. I thanked him by the way by feeding him my pills. It was rude of Him not to return.

People & My Pills
     People can be rude and out right mean, to get what they want. Like the nurses who give me my pills. They come handing me a cup with all four pills in it, but I get only a small paper cup of water. Haven't these nurses learned anything about pills, it says on the boodle make sure you drink plenty of water. Ignorance that's what it is or just plain neglected. I keep hearing my neighbor yelling at herself trying to shut off the voices in her head. This is what you get for going mad. The Queen Of Hearts takes your freedom and her guards hold you down if you move wrong. Plus sanity is so over raided it's last weeks fashion statement. Now white gowns and pills are in.



Darkness Beware

    In the darkness my heart beats fast my pals vibrates through my veins. I can't see anything in this pitch black night and the air smells funky. Kitty is trying to bring up the computer screen banging on the sides of the computer telling it to turn on.   "Damn computer!"  Kitty is getting frustrated by the moment.  "Nails! come on"  Fantasia stood on top of a trash bin yelling at Nails to hurry up.  "I'm coming babe!"  You can see Neil's blue hair and goggles from the air. As he wisps by Kitty his coat grassed her face Kitty wipes at it. "What are you doing Hun?"  Nails is now standing above Kitty arms folded in front and his coat blowing in the night air. "I'm trying to work this damn computer what does it look like I'm doing"  "Oh and don't call me Hun!"  in a flash the computer screen turns on.  "Oh yeah now we're in business!"  I looked at Kitty  "About time Kit"  I stood looking at the screen  "what the hell is that Kit?"  "I'm not sure let me look into the hard drive, might be a virus"   as she opened a folder to look at the sittings the screen turns black a mist starts to form out the side of the computer swiping around us swirls of it wiping us around.  I yelled out to everyone   "Kitty, Neil's, Fantasia can you hear me?"   the world around us started to change, we were inside the mist moving as if it was taking us somewhere.       

To be continued....


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